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Necessary skill and knowledge on the part of doctors and nurses are of paramount importance. However, do you know how much risk unhygienic, infected, or rusted equipment entails? Whether it is a little needle or a whole machine, it must be addressed and disinfected before and after every use. It is here that a sterile processing technician comes in handy. Given below is everything you need to know about the duties and responsibilities of a sterile processing technician, as well as course details about the same.

Who is a Sterile Processing Technician?

A sterile processing technician, also known as a central service technician or a central service (CS) professional is one who plays a critical role in a smooth, infection-free, and sterile patient visit, testing, or operation. This is because he/she prevents the scope for infection by cleaning, sterilizing, processing, assembling, storing, and distributing medical supplies. The central service department of any healthcare facility is where all activity regarding supplies and equipment needed for surgery and patient care takes place. This process is a detailed and technical one requiring thorough understanding and mastery of every step. So, it becomes important to first know the duties and responsibilities this job requires.

Responsibilities of a Sterile Processing Technician

  • Monitor and operate sterilization equipment
  • Examine supplies thoroughly before use
  • Disinfecting and disposing of equipment after use
  • Test and report any issues with equipment
  • Sterilize, prepare, and wrap medical tools for use during procedures
  • Prepare and deliver instruments for surgeries, examinations, laser procedures, and medical charts
  • Maintain a detailed record of sterilization procedures, items, equipment supplies, and maintenance
  • Collecting used and contaminated equipment for segregating as per decontamination or disposal
  • Preparing and packing decontaminated supplies for sterilization


While skills are subject to change, it is advisable to complete a sterile processing technician program from a renowned and recognized academy. For those looking for certified sterile processing technician schools in Santa Clara, CA - Nurse Builders Academy is your stop. Until then, the following are the skills you should hone.

  • Passion for working for the welfare of people
  • Strong attention to intricate details
  • Vigilance and meticulous care
  • Manual dexterity and ability to handle fragile equipment
  • Technical skills and familiarity with sterilization techniques
  • Self-reliance as well as good team management skills

Work Environment of a Sterile Processing Technician

Hospitals stand as the primary employer of sterile processing technicians. However, employment in this sector has also seen a growth in the offices and clinics of physicians, including outpatient care centers and ambulatory surgical centers. One can also opt for work in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.


Any person seeking training to become a sterile processing technician must be over 18 years of age. Upon completion of training, a certificate is issued which enables one to take the proficiency exam by the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution, Inc. (CBSPD).

If you enroll at Nurse Builders Academy for a sterile processing technician course in Santa Clara, CA, you will surely pass with flying colors. All you have to do is give your hundred percent and abide by the guidance we provide. Contact us now for any queries regarding the same.

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